Due to increased costs from 1st July a monthly account fee of $3 will be applied. Courier fees will increase to $20 up to 2kg and $30 for 2.1kg up to 15kg. Details in Terms and Conditions

Easy Online Application

Fill out the secure online application form and once we receive it, we will phone you to go through your application with you before we process it in accordance with our Vickers Home Account criteria and responsible lending checks.   


Payments under a Vickers Home Account can start from as low as $10 a week.

If your application is successful, we will send you formal offer documents for your Vickers Home Account, which will include the proposed amount and frequency of payments.  If you decide to proceed, we will help you set up the Direct Debit Authority, there is no need to go to your bank to set this up as we can do it all in our system with ease.   Subject to responsible lending checks, we may be able to alter the amount and frequency of your payments over the phone, so if your circumstances change please give us a call on 08005 08005 to discuss this with us.

New customers

For any new customer that opens a Vickers Home Account, we will require one initial payment as part of our internal bank validation process before your products are shipped. You just need to continue paying your weekly instalments as per an agreed repayment schedule until the total price is paid off.

Fee and charges

We charge fees and charges for a Vickers Home Account. Please see our Fees page


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Credit Limits 

A Vickers Home Account starts with a credit limit of $400.  For our platinum customers, the credit limit may be increased up to $2000 (subject to responsible lending checks). See our loyalty scheme for further details.



Pay weekly Spend up to
$10 $500
$15 $750
$20 $1000
$25 $1250
$30 $1500
*The responsible lending code applies

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