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Easy Online Application

Complete our secure online application form. After receiving it, we'll give you a call to discuss your application before processing it in line with our Vickers Home Account criteria and responsible lending checks.  


Payments under a Vickers Home Account can start from as low as $10 a week.

If your NEW application is successful you will have an initial credit limit of $400.00, if you are an existing customer updating the application forms we will confirm your credit limit prior to you placing an order. When we receive your order we will send you via email/post confirmation of your repayment schedule including instalment value, frequency, outstanding balance and any other relevant information – you will be required to accept this information by replying email/post prior to any items being dispatched.

We will also advise you if your application has been unsuccessful.

For any new customer that opens a Vickers Home Account, you will be charged a non-refundable account establishment fee of $30*. We will also require one initial payment as part of our internal bank validation process before your products are shipped. You just need to continue paying your weekly instalments as per your agreed repayment schedule until the total price is paid off.

Subject to responsible lending checks, adjustments to the payment amount and frequency may be possible over the phone. If your circumstances change, feel free to contact us at 08005 08005 to discuss any modifications.

New customers

For every new customer opening a Vickers Home Account, two initial payments and/or your $30 establishment fee are required to be paid as part of our internal bank validation process before dispatching your chosen products. 

In the event of an unsuccessful application, we will promptly inform you.

If you are an existing customer updating application forms, we will confirm your credit limit before you place an order.

Fee and charges

Fees in addition to the $30 non-refundable establishment fee may apply, see here for details.


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Credit Limits 

A Vickers Home Account starts with a credit limit of $400.  For our platinum customers, the credit limit may be increased up to $2000 (subject to responsible lending checks). See our loyalty scheme for further details.



Pay weekly Spend up to
$10 $500
$15 $750
$20 $1000
$25 $1250
$30 $1500
*The responsible lending code applies

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