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30 years ago, the idea to sell First Aid Kits came to mind whilst George Vickers was on holiday in New Zealand from the UK. Staying with his sister in Marlborough, an accident occurred, a First Aid Kit was needed, but there was none to be found, while it was not life-threatening it was thought-provoking.

George was fortunate enough to be able to come and live in New Zealand with great expectations. Another accident occurred that was serious enough to again ask the question, why did I not have a first aid kit?

Vickers Marketing started to market or sell a comprehensive First Aid Kit in 1992 for $199 dollars, allowing customers to purchase our First Aid Kits interest-free, paying as little as $10 weekly. 

To date, approximately 150,000 individual families, have or have had one of our first aid kits, which covers more than 10% of New Zealand's population.

In recent years the business has expanded its product range with the same concept, allowing customers to purchase goods and pay for them over a period of time. 

We pride ourselves on customer service and have many loyal and new customers all over New Zealand that enjoy what we offer - good value products and trusted brands with the simple concept of pay per week.

We thank them all and hope to provide them with quality service for years to come.  


Lynn Fryer  
Lynn has been with Vickers since the beginning. She is the Accounts Director and has seen the business evolve from humble beginnings to the array of products we now have on offer for our customers. This year Lynn has reached 30 years with Vickers Marketing and will soon be retiring but is super proud to be a part of the growth of the business. 

Les Vickers
Les has been with Vickers Marketing since day one and has sold too many First Aid Kits to count. You have most likely met and shared a moment or two with Les, perhaps with a cup of tea in hand. Les is now in the office on the phone and has also hit the milestone of working for Vickers for 30 Years. 

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